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  • 8/11/2015

    Module Sports was updated

  • Lions Club South Public Speaking Competition 2015

    Congratulations to Aaron Weekes on winning the Lions Club South Public Speaking Competition 2015 bringing the covetted trophy back to the St. Vincent Grammar School. Aaron won the main speech and impromptu category in the finals held on Thursday 5th November.

  • Inter House Football

    Match day four (Finals) report

    Millar House were crowned Junior Inter House champions after defeating Reeves house 2 nil. Both goals came from the foot of MVP Shaquille Peters, as he scored on either side of the half to sink a vibrant Reeves team who had missed an easy chance and failed to convert a penalty.


    Moments later, it was Millar who were sunk in the Senior division as a last minute powerful effort from Jonte James gave Crick House a 1 nil victory. Randolph Richards of Crick was adjudged Finals MVP.



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