Mon 30/3/2015


Tuesday 10th February - Road Relay

Who will be the King of the road. Will it be

CrickLopeyMillar or Reeves.

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Welcome To Term 2 - The Sports Term!


  • Sports Update - Thursday February 5th 2015

    The following is an updated Points Standing following Tuesday ...
  • 30/1/2015

    Module Sports was updated

  • Sports Update - 23rd January 2015

    As the 2015 Athletics Season approaches its high point, we urge all to stay tuned to the activities as they will be announced in the coming weeks. In the immediate future announcements will be made for Heats in classes outside of the regular Physical Education Program (Form 4's and 5's).     The following are Standard points tallied from Class heats in the pass week:     Crick House       100 points Lopey House      127 points Millar House       112 points Reeves House    119 points   Every effort will be made to give an fully updated standings prior to Thursday 29 House Meeting.   Looking forward to your continued support as we strive to make the 2015 Sports Season a memorable one.  



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