• Online Learning

          • Students, please take note of the following information regarding online teaching/learning at the St. Vincent Grammar School: 

            Accessing the online platform

            1. We will be using GSuite as our teaching platform. The site is classroom.google.com. 

            2. Your username has already been created. If you have never logged into the site or are having issues, please send us an email at svggrammarschool@gmail.com.

            Timetable and schedule of classes

            1. A new timetable has been posted for the commencement of online classes. It can be accessed using this link https://svgs.edupage.org/timetable/. 

            This timetable is effective from Monday 11th January 2021. However, all classes may not begin on Monday.

            2. Classes begin at 9 a.m. There are three (3) 1-hour sessions per day except in the Form 4s who have one (1) day of four (4) sessions. 

            3. You may not have a scheduled class for every session of the day. 

            We ask that you ensure that you log in on time for class, are appropriately dressed and located in an area with limited distraction ready for learning. 

            Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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